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Floor Hand

at Cyclone Drilling, Inc.

Posted: 9/1/2019
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Job Description

Title:Floor Hand

The Floor Hand Position is our entry-level position at Cyclone Drilling. Generally, employees will start as a Floor Hand and work their way up through the positions on a rig. Right now, Cyclone is hiring for the Floor Hand positions as they come open. The majority of applicants who are hired have 6 months or more experience working on a large Oil and Gas drilling Rig.


  • High School Diploma or GED
  • 6+ months experience on a large oil and gas drilling rig
  • Effective written and verbal communications
  • US Citizen or Green Card holder
  • 1+ years experience on a large oil and gas drilling rig
  • Safeland USA Training
  • History of employment showing long commitment to each employer


The Floorhand works under the direct supervision of the Driller. There are two floor hand positions:

Each must daily inspect the tongs, breakout line, snub lines, and tong dies for damage, excessive wear, fraying oil soaks, etc. and keep them safe and in good repair. During normal drilling operations duties include washing, cleaning, mechanical repairs, digging ditches, drill pipe connections, drill pipe trips and other manual handling and/or maintenance activities as required by operational needs.

While tripping (adding additional pipe to the stand), the Lead Tong Hand must pull and install the busing assembly. This includes lifting the tongs and lateral movement of the tongs to attach them to the drill pipe. The tongs are on counterweights and the exertion required to lift them is estimated to be lifting between 10 to 30 pounds. The lifting range up or down is 1 to 2 feet, in the area of the waist. This activity is repeated and could be performed as many as 175 times in a 12 hour shift.

Pulling slips is also required. This activity is performed by 2 or 3 men (depending on crew size) and could be done as many as 175 times per a 12 hour shift. The slips weigh between 100 and 175 pounds and the weight would be distributed between the 2 or 3 employees. The slips are located at floor level and would be lifted a distance of 18-24 inches.

Racking pipe is also required during a drill pipe trip and involves manually pushing a suspended length of pipe to the area where it is racked. The reverse activity involves restraining the suspended pipe and guiding it across the rig floor. This activity is performed in the standing position and could be performed as many as 100 times per a 12-hour shift.

Tripping the pipe string is an operation which involves removing all of the pipe from the well bore and racking it in the derrick. Employees may be involved in the tripping operation for the full 12 hours of their work shift.

The Floor Hand is responsible for catching and cleaning samples of formation cuttings while drilling. If drilling in gas, he must keep the flare bucket burning. At times it is necessary for the Floor Hand to climb up in the derrick and assist the derrick hand such as bridling up or bridling down. He must also be able to go up and grease the traveling blocks and bridle line sheaves.

Duties Include:
  1. Making connections while drilling and tripping
  2. Changing bits
  3. Cleaning and performing maintenance work on the drilling rig
  4. Assist in rigging down, moving and rigging up all parts of the rig
  5. Miscellaneous tasks such as mixing mud, digging ditches and location cleanup

Requirements Include:
  1. Must be in good health and physical conditions; job duties are often physically strenuous
  2. Must have some degree of mechanical aptitude and be capable of learning and performing job duties and be able to keep up with the rest of the crew
  3. Must be capable of assuming responsibilities and maintaining good working relationships with co-workers
  4. Must perform each operation in the safety manner possible as well as complying with all safety and health standards, rules, regulations and orders for the prevention of accidents
  5. The employee is responsible for his/her own transportation to and from the work site and is expected to be on time

Physical Requirements Include:
  1. Must be able to stand for 10 to 12 hours and walk for about 3 hours throughout the workday
  2. Must be able to lift/carry between 10 to 50 pounds frequently with occasional lifting of 20 to 100 pounds throughout the workday
  3. Must be able to kneel, reach and regularly work at heights exceeding 4 feet above the work surface during the day as well as occasional bending throughout the workday
  4. Must be able to grasp occasionally during the day and frequently push and pull objects throughout the workday
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